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First class marketing and digital exposure

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Professional support to get the best market price

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You Sell, You Save, and you keep your profits!


Real estate agents in New Zealand earn a fortune for every sale while often doing very little to earn that huge fee. At YouSell, we believe you deserve better!

The real estate model is old fashioned, ineffective  and expensive, while you help promote the agent, with agent self-promotion costing the consumer exorbitant fees.

Flash offices, flash cars and flash lifestyles are protected by an oligopoly of long-established companies who do not want to change.

YouSell is changing that reality and empowering the consumer.

YouSell is a professional company where the directors are award winning industry professionals from both the United Kingdom and New Zealand, who bring state of the art digital marketing, electronic systems and professional support, to revolutionise the approach to selling realestate.

YouSell will position you in front of the biggest digital audience with the best professional marketing packages and support.

For the first time, YouSell puts New Zealanders in control of their house sale. The process is transparent, with guidance throughout your journey from our expert team.

If you can open your own front door, you can close the door forever on wasted real estate fees. Just think what you could do with all that extra money! YouSell You Save!

What you get

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On-call industry expert, one-on-one support until sold

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Professional photography copywriting & signage done for you

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Preferential advertising rates including TradeMe, & brochure design all done for you

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Simple viewer booking system setup for you

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Viewer call back on your behalf

YouSell’s call centre of industry experts will guide you all the way from start to finish. 

YouSell will make the selling process smooth and systemised, allowing you to save tens of thousands of $$$, while we help you get the best price. We will set you up to sell, with benefits not limited to, preferential advertising rates, a professional real estate photography service, professional copywriting, and branded signage, digital brochure design as well as your own marketing and real estate professional to talk to throughout your sale process. YouSell give you the confidence to reap the rewards of selling your own home.

What do you need to do?

Step 1.


Talk to a YouSell expert for advice on price and how to prepare your house for sale
(Contact us now)

Step 2.


Let YouSell prepare all the professional marketing for you

Step 3.


Be ready to open your front door to buyers, and let YouSell do the follow up for you

Step 4.


YouSell will connect you to your buyers, so you can agree a price - YouSell will show you how!

Step 5.


Place your sale into the hands of your solicitor like you would do with an agent

Step 6.


Congratulations, You Sold! Now put up your YOU SOLD sticker and get moving!