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e.g. SAVE $18K selling a $500K home*

*For example, save over $18K on the cost to sell a $500k property through a mainstream agency based on a commission of 3.95% for the first $400K, then 2% on the remaining $100K, plus an admin fee and GST. The amount you will save will depend on the value of your home. Subject to YouSell terms & conditions.

Advice on Buying Privately

The process of buying privately in New Zealand should be the same as working through an agency, it is actually very straight forward.

Through YouSell, the seller must adhere to all legal obligations within New Zealand, and follow our system for selling and disclosure of information about the property. You can be confident you are well informed so all you need to think about is whether or not you love the home.

If you have any questions about buying privately, we welcome you to contact us.

How do viewings work?

Viewings with YouSell will be one of three ways. Usually you will see an advertised open home time, or contact the property owner directly via an advertised link. The third way, and used for some sellers and in Covid restrictions, is via an online booking system, whereby time slots are allocated for viewing.

Simply book a time slot via a link to the property on the marketing websites, e.g. TradeMe. Alternatively a booking link will be sent to you from your enquiry. You receive a booking reminder, and the home-owner will host you.

YouSell will call you after you have viewed for feedback on behalf of the home-owner.

Interested in buying?

The home owner will provide you with a link to all the property documents relating to the home you have an interest in. This includes an Expression of Interest Form which YouSell provides.

You complete an Expression of Interest Form and send your offer directly to the home-owner. This is NOT a legally binding contract. This will form the basis for you to have a formal Sale and Purchase Agreement completed, once you agree terms of sale and of course, price!

Once you agree on a price and terms, the content of the Expression of Interest Form (plus the documents supplied), contains the information  you need for your lawyer to draft a Sale and Purchase Agreement for presentation and signing.

Legal advice is recommended before signing a contract to purchase a property, this is the same as if you are working with a Real Estate Agent. Within New Zealand, both parties require a lawyer to process a sale and purchase agreement, you do not need an agent to do this.

Under offer! You complete your due diligence checks and processes as stipulated in the sale and purchase agreement.

Complete your due diligence…and…

SOLD, the home is now yours!

YouSell can provide guidance and a selection of trusted industry professionals e.g. building inspectors, lawyers and more.

If you have any questions about the process, please drop us an email or call us on 0800 042293