Why pay $17-30k
in commission
to sell your home?

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e.g. SAVE $18K selling a $500K home*

*For example, save over $18K on the cost to sell a $500k property through a mainstream agency based on a commission of 3.95% for the first $400K, then 2% on the remaining $100K, plus an admin fee and GST. The amount you will save will depend on the value of your home. Subject to YouSell terms & conditions.

What we do

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First class marketing and digital exposure for private sellers

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Professional support to get the best market price through selling privately

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You're in control, no sales people selling themselves

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You Sell, You Save, and you keep your profits!

Welcome to YouSell

You are probably here because you already know that you don’t want to pay a massive commission to a real estate company.  The YouSell team doesn’t believe that you should either and with our expertise and support, we’ll help you achieve the premium sale price you want and let you keep the savings you make in your own pocket.

Digital technology has replaced a lot of the work that agents did in the past to earn their massive fees.  YouSell facilitates you, replicating almost everything that real estate agents do and puts you back in control of where the profits from your house sale end up.

YouSell have researched the very best from the real estate industry worldwide, we’ve incorporated first class marketing packages into our fees and present premium digital strategies that position your home in front of the biggest audience of buyers.

We also do the follow up, which helps you discover the best price for you home, and throughout the process you can call on our expert advice to get your home sold!  YouSell and YouSave and our fees are less than some agents charge for upfront marketing

Getting prepared to sell – YouSell have you covered

– A comprehensive market overview (recent sales/properties on the market) to give you the knowledge of where to position your home for sale.

– Professional photography from our industry leading associates that will showcase your home at its absolute best.

– First Class Digital YouSell brochures, copy-written by our marketing team for buyers to access on line and for you to share too.

– YouSell produces a 900 x 1200 ‘For Sale Board’ for you.

First Class Marketing – We know where to advertise to get your home sold!

– We provide the very best digital marketing.  YouSell’s team of analysts have crunched the data that drive our marketing decisions and we have established preferential deals with the biggest companies in New Zealand. Our digital spend is always focused on your home, there is no money wasted on an agent simply promoting themself at your expense, and print advertising is no longer relevant.

– YouSell has negotiated preferential Trademe marketing which is included in our fee.

– YouSell also provides Digital Facebook Campaigns, targeted at where your buyers are.

– YouSell arranges a focused Google Campaigns on your behalf.

Professional support with viewing bookings, follow up and interest reports – Our call centre of experts are with you!

– YouSell has a simple booking system for buyers to arrange a time to visit your home or for you to set up Open Homes with registration documents.

– YouSell then does the buyer follow up calls on your behalf.

– YouSell provides expert advice throughout the process and Expressions of Interest forms for your buyers to present to you.


Finally – You can now put up your YouSOLD sticker!

It really couldn’t be easier with YouSell.  And if you need to know more, then email us or give us a call.

YouSell includes

  • Everything you'll ever need to professionally sell your home yourself!

What are people saying

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Aaron & Cecile: “We had the satisfaction of selling the home we had loved for 14 years, meeting the buyers and enjoyed a pleasing and emotional handover of our home”

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Brooke & Karl: “We can highly recommend YouSell with their professional, simplistic, affordable way to sell your home”

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Iris & Malcolm: “YouSell did everything for us, and we saved a heap of money not paying real estate fees”

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“With YouSell, we had the best of both worlds. We avoided a heavy commission while still getting expert advice along the way. YouSell was always available to offer professional advice."